meet the team

We are all qualified trainers and behaviour practitioners, using kind, up to date methods to help you forge the best relationship you can with your dog.


Trainer and Canine Wellbeing Practitioner

Based In Jalon, Alicante, Spain

Rebecca lives with her husband and two dogs. A Romanian Tri-Paw, Toby, and a Podenco, Harry. She believes that the most important thing is to build a trusting, loving relationship between humans and dogs and that the key to a successful partnership is great communication.

Rebecca spends many hours studying, attending conferences, workshops and other forms of continued professional development, so that she keeps up to date with new scientific methodology and is constantly expanding her knowledge in all things dogs.


  • Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Psychology. Level 6. ISCP.

  • Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management. Compass Education

  • An Intermediate Award in Canine Behaviour and Training with Sarah Whitehead - Clever Dog Company

  • Puppy Training Certificate. Ian Dunbar

  • Dog Behaviour and Psychology Certificate. Ian Dunbar

  • Care of a Senior Pet. Holly and Hugo

  • OCN Canine First Aid Certificate

  • member of INTO dogs and the PDTE

  • Etc


With a special interest in canine self medication, freework and canine mental health.


Trainer and Canine Wellbeing Practitioner

Based near Jalon Alicante, Spain

 Rachel lives near Jalon with her husband and dog Majo, a Spanish rescue, staff cross.

Due to Rachel's keen interest in human behaviour, she became a support worker for people with drug and alcohol misuse issues and spent nine years in the field. The job taught her a great deal about positive reinforcement, motivation and how to communicate effectively with people that may not have felt listened to or felt much autonomy.

Having moved to Spain, Rachel's passion for behaviour and dogs led her and her husband to foster dogs for a local charity. After asking for ‘the dog no one else wants’ Nuri was put into their care. Knowing Nuri’s history and seeing how she processed the world ignited Rachel's interest in dog behaviour and pushed her to learn more and become qualified.


  • Diploma in Dog Behaviour Level 5 IMDT 

  • Diploma in Canine BehaviourLevel 5  ISCP

  • OCN Canine First Aid Certificate

  • Dr Ian Dunbar, 3 Day Conference Science Based Training

  • 3 Day Control Unleashed Conference - Working with Reactive Dogs

  • Specialising in 'scentwork' with The School of Canine Science

  • Scent for Six

  • World Scent Dog Association

  • Etc


Rachel continues her learning through workshops, seminars and courses. 


Our Promise to You and Your Dog

As teachers of dogs and people we believe that learning is easier when the individuals are having fun, are happy, relaxed and what we are learning is interesting and uncomplicated.


We spend a large proportion of our time learning the science of canine behaviour so our teaching comes from a place of knowledge. This means we can teach you in a  fun, simple and relaxed way. We can then teach you the vital information you need to understand why dogs do the things they do and how  we can help them learn and deal with unwanted behaviours.


To be able to support our dogs, we need to be able to communicate with them and to listen to their needs. Training has moved on from the days of punishment and feeling we need to be in charge, and more and more owners, or as we like to call them, guardians, are feeling the benefits of  working with their dogs as a team and a family member to improve their relationship and to get great results from training.

At Speak Dog, we don’t feel the need to use punishment to teach dogs, we know that creating strong, loving and trusting bonds is the best way to teach our companions. The best relationships I know are built on good communication, trust and love.

We promise 

  • We will be friendly and approachable and open to your questions.

  • We will make our teaching as clear as possible.

  • We will be unjudgemental , patient and kind.

  • You and your dog’s physical and emotional wellbeing will be our top priority.

  • We will offer your dog choices and support them to make the right ones.

  • We will work hard to keep your dog as stress-free as possible.

  • We will work hard to keep the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible for you as the owner/guardian, handler and trainer of your own dog.

  • We will never use a choke, prong or e-coller or anything else that will cause your dog fear or pain.

  • We will continue to educate ourselves and keep up with the latest science by attending workshops, seminars, conferences and courses so we continue to be the best we can be for you and your dog.