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Change In The Tide

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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Amazing new app available from the 21st December

Sharing knowledge is the key to not only a better world, but also on a personal level, a more successful business.

People often worry about sharing knowledge when they are running a dog training or canine behaviour business; “If I share too much, people won’t need me”. Personally I find the opposite to be true!

It doesn’t matter how many books, apps, or articles people read, they will still need professionals with a vast amount of not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. We can google our symptoms but we still need Doctors. And as we all know, every dog is different. One size will never fit all.

For me, I feel it is my duty to share as much free knowledge as possible about dogs. It may not be much, but ripples make waves and the tide of people’s perceptions of dogs needs to change.

The culture of how we treat dogs has had its foot in the past for way too long, and dogs need us to be their advocates and change the way people see them.

How? By creating a world where people start to see the benefits of understanding dogs better. By having more meaningful, understanding bonds with them, and living alongside them instead of above them, we will increase the need for science based, ethical trainers and behaviour practitioners. And more importantly, we will improve the lives of dogs.

I try to make a point of not using my page to slate other trainers, instead trying to lead by example. For me personally this works better than preaching or running others down.

But I do become tired of seeing the media constantly putting out the wrong message with outdated, damaging techniques plastered all over the t.v, radio and in magazines.

A client of Rebeccas enjoying an enriching walk in the woods

So I’m excited to see a new app emerge. One that has the right message. One of learning, keeping up with the latest science and collaborating with other Canine professionals and passionate canine advocates to create a place for people to learn more about dogs.

It will not take the place of the wonderful education providers available. Nor the fantastic trainers and behaviour practitioners out there. But it may just be a ripple we all need.

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