"We were recommended Becky after rehoming Sam. We attended one of Becky's 6 week workshop classes and I am so grateful we did! He started off as a very anxiety, scared dog - who would react to other dogs and who we couldn't trust off the lead. Becky has so much knowledge and understanding about dogs and how to support them, it was incredible. Over the weeks we could see Sa overcoming some of his issues and becoming a more happier dog. Our final assessment was amazing - we got to let Sam off the lead which we never thought we would ever be able to do. I am so grateful we met Becky and we will definitely be back to more of her workshops."

                                                                 Amy Large

"Spoke to Rebecca about my challenging Podendo x Galgo. Had an in detailed conversation for an hour where she covered so much aspects, from health, to different foods all the way through to managing and training. I just wanted to say a massive thank you so much because in under 24 hours I am already seeing a change in Amethyst by following all your detailed advice, which in my eyes is a miracle😂! Thank you so much for your help! Would highly recommend to anybody needing any type of dog behaviour advice! Xxx"

"I pretty much hated dog training as it always seemed boring and prescriptive and it felt like my dog and I had to be absolutely perfect, which we are not...I’d actually resigned myself to not bothering to train my dogs.


Then in desperation I thought I’d try Becky and she was like a breath of fresh air. We had fun, we didn’t have to be micromanaging everything and my dog adores her. I have recommended her to many people who are just as thrilled with her as I am. My next challenge to her is my belligerent standard poodle..."

                                                                              Kate Sandal

"Becky is amazing and helped me talk dog, also helped me to enrich my two terriers lives, she gives you a lot to think about and a lot for your dogs to think about. The training ideas are also a lot of fun xxx"

                                                            Sarah McCord

"Having taken a half day recall course with Becky, we learnt so much and had so much fun, that we did not hesitate in booking a 6 week course to help take our Border Terrorist further on his teenage journey. Whilst he does brilliantly well, we love the opportunity to learn more about our dog's way of thinking and how to use this to make our life together as good as it can be. Becky has a completely different approach, takes a personal interest in both the needs of you and your dog and is always happy to talk through any concerns. Very different to our puppy training experience with another trainer. We hope to spend more time having fun learning doggy skills in the future."

                                                                                        Jayne Widdecombe

Email: rebecca@speakdogeurope.com         Telephone: 07799 350300         Locations: Javea, Spain and chudleigh knighton, uk       
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