Image by Karsten Winegeart

Alice Braidley

Great work, great groups, great dogs, great people, amazing help. Friendly and loving environment for doggies to learn and have fun. Humans learn along the way too!

Image by Erda Estremera

Denise Wirth

Before we worked with SpeakDog, Marti and our family had a lot of communication problems, misunderstandings, and frustration with each other. I feel as if we have gone through family therapy together : ) We are paying more attention to what Marti is saying, trying to communicate clearly with her, and really having a lot more fun together. Marti is so much happier and so are we. Now, we have some solid skills for figuring out what she is trying to tell us, and we are using them grow our connection and teach her effectively. Thanks, Rachel and Rebecca!

Image by T.R Photography


We have been so lucky to meet Rachel & Rebecca. Our confidence, and that of our dogs, has grown in such a short time. All classes/sessions/training are fun & positive and we have a great time! Thank you 👍👍

Email: speakdogjavea@gmail.com                                   WhatsApp: +34610628468                                Locations: Javea, Spain      
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